MotorWorX® Custom Motor and Control Engineering Services

Holjeron Helps OEMs Bring Unique, Complicated Concepts to Life.

To meet the specific motor and control needs of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the production of unique industrial automation machinery and equipment, Holjeron announces the MotorWorX® custom design and engineering service.


Holjeron, a part of Matthews Automation Solutions, developed the MotorWorX service to leverage 18-plus years of experience in solving the application challenges of brushless direct current (DC) motor control, explains John Mosher, the company’s manager of OEM business development.

“Over the years, we’ve been approached by many companies—from large, established organizations to small, entrepreneurial start-ups—to help them achieve very specific motor and/or control objectives for their industrial application,” Mosher says. “Because we are a smaller company, we relish the opportunity to engineer and manufacture unique, creative solutions for limited production run equipment that larger motor and control companies tend to pass on.”

Every MotorWorX project is unique, continues Mosher, although each solution likely includes one or more of the following fundamental elements: dual motor controllers, dynamic and regenerative braking, customizable acceleration and deceleration curves, multiple network interfaces, and IP-rated packaging to protect against water or dust in harsh application environments.

“Our engineers can create specialty control profiles and accommodate a wide range of environmental packaging requirements,” continues Mosher. “Further, our controllers interface with a variety of network protocols, including CAN-based networks, Ethernet and AS-i.”

The diverse variety of MotorWorX-engineered projects includes:

  • A motor driver card-controlled spinning window for machine tools to clear coolant from the viewing area to permit visual verification of the cutting process.
  • Engineer custom firmware to control an adapted Holjeron smart, motorized conveyor roller used by an automated electric sorter for warehouse and pharmaceutical applications.
  • Development of a family of brushless DC motors and controls to interface with a line of industrial, electric linear actuators and slides.
  • Accurate, precision control of a two-motor soccer ball launcher for professional, club and college team training.

Once a MotorWorX prototype has been tested and approved, Holjeron also offers full manufacturing services to produce the finished device, adds Mosher.

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