ZoneLinkPLUS Controllers for Challenging 24-volt DC Motor-based Applications.

Holjeron debuts newest family of highly-configurable controls for complex material movement requirements.

Holjeron_MAS_Spot-339x90TUALATIN, OR  — The new ZoneLinkPLUS family of controllers for use with 24-volt, brushless, direct current (DC) motors up to 6 amps has been introduced. The controllers are designed, engineered and manufactured by Holjeron, a part of Matthews Automation Solutions.

Highly customizable, the ZoneLinkPLUS controllers feature high-performance microprocessor motor commutation componentry to meet the most demanding application requirements of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and conveyor/sortation equipment manufacturers.

Thanks to dedicated on-board, pre-programmed logic, the controllers can produce a range of sensor and PLC-triggered actions, including complex control algorithms, inductions, diverts, vibration, directional reverses, jogging and more. They are also ideal for zero pressure accumulation (ZPA) applications handling highly variable products in mission critical applications, and to provide discrete control of motor driven rollers (MDR) in complex routing zones.

“Additionally, we designed the ZoneLinkPLUS controllers with six auxiliary inputs/outputs (I/Os) for enhanced diagnostics and external control access,” adds John Mosher, the company’s manager of OEM business development. “Because each can be custom configured as either inputs or outputs, in any combination, we can configure the controller to send multiple operational status updates—including function verifications, pending failures and critical faults—to the equipment’s programmable logic controller (PLC) in real time. The controller’s diagnostic functions include pinpointing fault locations to reduce downtime should the system fail. Also, control inputs can be customized to fit the OEM’s specific requirements.”

The ZoneLinkPLUS controllers are an extension of the company’s popular ZoneLink® methodology for linking adjacent system operating zones together through the use of standard RJ-45 cables. However, because of the complexity and variety of their functions, ZoneLinkPLUS controllers are not user-programmable, notes Mosher, but many attributes are adjustable, such as acceleration, deceleration, speed and current limits.

“These controllers have been engineered to support and accommodate extremely specialized, motor-based control challenges,” he explains. “Our engineers work with OEMs and material handling equipment manufacturers to custom-create their unique control solution based on a ZoneLinkPLUS controller.”

ZoneLinkPLUS controllers feature:

  • Six auxiliary PNP I/O that can be custom configured as either inputs or outputs, in any combination
  • Auto-sensing NPN/PNP bipolar junction transistor to support an RJ-11 photosensor input port
  • Missing or failed photosensor fault detection
  • Adjustable acceleration and deceleration rates
  • Adjustable boost current at startup
  • ZoneLink cable failure fault detection
  • Active motor/controller fault detection for:
    • Low input power
    • Commutation error
    • Motor thermal overload
    • Controller thermal overload
    • Over/under current
    • Motor stall
    • Load jam
    • Customizable application-specific control algorithms
    • Multiple DIP switch selectable control programs
    • Serial port configuration from any PC

For more information about ZoneLinkPLUS family of controllers, contact Holjeron at 503.582.0820, 800.691.8302 (toll free) or by email at [email protected].

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Holjeron, a part of Matthews Automation Solutions, designs, engineers and manufactures brains for industrial automation equipment and material handling systems—including conveyors and motor-driven rollers. Used by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and system integrators, every Holjeron control device and component is plug-and-play for fast installation, minimal maintenance and expanded diagnostics. All products are based on industry-standard technologies, including Controller Area Network (CAN) technology to support DeviceNet, Smart Distributed System (SDS) and CANopen, as well as Ethernet I/P and AS-i protocols in industrial automation.

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