Green Tire Transport Solutions

Motor-driven rollers (MDR) and controllers for conveyorized handling of uncured (green) tires easily integrate into conveyor lines moving tires as they exit a tire-building machine (TBM) and travel to curing molds, preventing adhesion and deformation.

ZoneLink³ Green Tire Controller

The ZoneLink3 zero-pressure accumulation (ZPA) green tire controller is the third generation of our popular line of ZPA Microroller® control modules—equipped with specialized software—for use in green (uncured) tire handling. Learn more…

SmartRoller® Square Shell Motorized Rollers

SmartRoller Square Shell motor-driven conveyor rollers are engineered with a 2.5-inch square shell to accommodate Intralox’s Series 900 6.1-inch (18T sprocket tooth configuration) natural acetal square bore sprocket-driven belts. Read more…

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