Custom brushless DC motors, controls for OEMs of unique industrial automation systems.

Both large and small original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of unique industrial automation machinery and equipment turn to MotorWorX®, Holjeron’s brand of custom designed brushless direct current (BLDC) electric motors and controls.

MotorWorX application-specific solutions are designed to increase profits, reduce energy consumption and improve system performance. Offerings include special environmental packaging, industrial network interfaces and customized operating parameters to meet any DC motor and control application.

Every MotorWorX project is unique, but each solution likely includes one or more of the following fundamental elements:

  • Dual motor controllers
  • Dynamic and regenerative braking
  • Customizable acceleration and deceleration curves
  • Ability to interface with multiple network protocols (CAN-Based, Ethernet, AS-i)
  • IP-rated packaging to protect against water or dust in harsh application environments

Contact Holjeron with your most challenging DC motor and control applications and let us create a MotorWorX solution that increases your sales and improves your profits.


Machine Tool Application

A manufacturer of accessories for the machine tool industry needed a very small BLDC motor driver due to space constraints within their device. MotorWorX engineers developed a 2 x 2-inch controller that fit within their frame, and subsequently supplied two different operating profiles to satisfy the needs of their customers in Europe and Asia. Both new drivers cost less and perform more efficiently than their previous supplier’s product.

Sports Training Application

A manufacturer of sports training equipment needed a dual motor driver with a CANopen interface to the operator controls. The MotorWorX controller allows complete and flexible control of both motors, permiting almost infinite adjustment of the performance parameters. The CANopen interface enables networking of several control inputs—resulting in less wiring, higher reliability and reduced cost.

Retail Point-of-Sale Application

A supplier of retail store point-of-sale equipment needed a 48-volt DC controller to replace their outdated AC system. The MotorWorX driver allows for smoother operation and reduces energy consumption by more than 60%. Additionally, customized firmware accommodates multiple configurations of the same product with little to no operator intervention. Reducing the number of available controller models (and the associated energy savings) increased the OEM’s sales and margins, while reducing retailers’ installed costs.

Contact Holjeron.

Innovative control devices and components for industrial automation.

Holjeron designs, engineers and manufactures brains for industrial automation equipment and material handling systems—including conveyors and motor-driven rollers. The world's leading OEMs and system integrators deploy our plug-and-play control devices and components in applications that require fast installation, minimal maintenance and expanded diagnostics.

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