Holjeron’s New Controller Generates Unique Motorized Roller Rocking Motion, Preventing Uncured (Green) Tire Adhesion to Conveyors During Manufacturing.

Control device showcased in Booth 6065 at Tire Technology Expo.

Holjeron-GreenTireControllerTUALATIN, OR (January 29, 2015) — A new controller for motorized roller conveyors deployed by tire manufacturers will be showcased at the Tire Technology Expo 2015 in Booth 6065. The ZoneLinkGreen Tire Controllers are designed, engineered and manufactured by Holjeron, a Matthews Automation Solutions’ brand. They control internally powered, motor-driven conveyor rollers, including Holjeron’s own Microroller® brand and those made by other suppliers, and can be implemented in new installations or retrofits of existing systems.

The CE- compliant controller is engineered specifically for use with motorized roller conveyors used to move uncured, or green, tires of any size as they exit a tire-building machine (TBM) and travel to the curing molds. To prevent the soft, sticky tires from adhering to the rollers and deforming should conveyor movement stop for any reason, the controller offers a configurable “rocking” mode that keeps the tires in motion—even while being accumulated within a zone.

Ideal for use in “no touch” or zero pressure accumulation (ZPA) conveyor flow applications, the controller features “forward” and “reverse” run modes that can override accumulation as needed. It also offers a “hold” function that interrupts conveyor flow—for tire unloading, to accommodate production rate changes, or for maintenance within the system—without risking damage to green tires. Additionally, the controller features advanced diagnostics to detect and indicate missing photosensors, critical faults and motor running signals.

“Zone-based motorized roller conveyors are ideal for tire manufacturing—particularly to transport tires from building to curing—because only the zones with tires are activated. This saves energy and reduces operating expenses,” explained John Mosher, the company’s Manager of OEM Business Development. “When powered by this new controller, the system is more cost-effective than alternatives such as robotic overhead crane handling systems.”

At recent installations in an international tire manufacturer’s facilities in the Americas, operations documented significant increases in productivity and decreases in operating costs associated with downtime, maintenance and scrap, added Mosher.

A video of the controller operating a Microroller-equipped conveyor as it transports tires is posted on Holjeron’s YouTube Channel.

The new controllers can be seen in action at Holjeron’s Booth 6065 throughout the Tire Technology Expo 2015 in Cologne, Germany—February 10-12, 2015. For more information, contact Holjeron at 503.582.0820, 800.691.8302 (toll free) or by email at [email protected].

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Holjeron, a Matthews Automation Solutions’ brand, designs, engineers and manufactures specialized industrial automation equipment and material handling system components—including and motor-driven rollers and controls. Each of our innovative products is based on industry-standard technologies, including Controller Area Network (CAN) and industrial Ethernet protocols. Holjeron specializes in custom DC motor controls and OEM-specific controls, interfaces and systems. As the in-house designer and manufacturer of its entire product line, each Holjeron control device or component can be customized specifically to meet the unique requirements of an application—while providing maximum return on a customer’s investment.


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The Matthews Automation Solutions’ family of brands includes HoljeronLightning PickMatthews Marking Systems and Pyramid.

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