Updated ZoneLink® and SDS Multi-Configuration Tool available now!

Wilsonville OR – The new ZTC-F64 Multi-Protocol Configuration Tool simplifies Holjeron’s portfolio of tools to provide an interface to Holjeron’s proprietary ZoneLink® motor driven roller controllers, as well as any device or system utilizing Honeywell and Holjeron’s Smart Distributed System (SDS) protocol.   The tool has been designed, engineered, and manufactured by Holjeron, part of the Matthews Automation Solutions family of brands.

The ZTC-F64 replaces two legacy tools – the ZoneLink®.S Serial Interface Module (ZL.S-F32) and the HSIM Portable Configuration Tool for SDS (HSM-PTB101). It also updates connectivity to the modern USB standard.  The tool still offers the simplicity of using an off the shelf Cat 5 LAN cable to communicate with ZoneLink® and SDS devices but eliminates the need for an RS232 serial port on the host PC.  The new tool also utilizes a faster processor, reducing the time required to connect and communicate with controllers and devices.

“This device is like a swiss army knife for configuring and troubleshooting Holjeron’s ZoneLink®.S enabled controllers as well as any SDS device or network,” noted Chad Velk, the company’s OEM Solutions product manager.  “Not only does it eliminate the need for an RS232 connection on the PC, but it allows our customers to carry one tool to connect to several different types of devices, and it does it much more quickly and reliably than the devices it replaces.”

The ZTC-F64 enables a Windows based computer to monitor and communicate with ZoneLink® devices using off-the-shelf USB and Cat 5 LAN cables (provided).  The device utilizes the serial command and control protocol called .S (dot S) in order to configure parameters such as speed, acceleration, timers, and control mode on a single device or a network of up to 255 zones. The tool can also be used to monitor predictive diagnostic elements such as current, temperature, and lifetime run time – for example to flag when a powered roller should be replaced prior to failure.

The ZTC-F64 also enables connection between any USB port on any device with a terminal emulation program (such as Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs, smartphones, and tablets) and an SDS fieldbus network.  Using a command-based protocol, the user can configure attributes on SDS devices and monitor SDS networks.

For more information about the new ZTC-F64 Multi-Protocol Configuration Tool, contact Holjeron at 503.582.0820, 855.804.6828 (toll free) or by email at [email protected].


Holjeron, a part of Matthews Automation Solutions, designs, engineers and manufactures brains for industrial automation equipment and material handling systems—including conveyors and motor-driven rollers. Used by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and system integrators, every Holjeron control device and component is plug-and-play for fast installation, minimal maintenance and expanded diagnostics. All products are based on industry-standard technologies, including Controller Area Network (CAN) technology to support DeviceNet, Smart Distributed System (SDS) and CANOpen, as well as Ethernet I/P and AS-i protocols in industrial automation.


Matthews Automation Solutions—a division of Matthews International Corporation—provides integrated hardware and software solutions that streamline processes, boost throughput and solve global supply challenges for manufacturers and distributors worldwide. For automation challenges in manufacturing, packaging, fulfillment or distribution, Matthews’ combined expertise delivers the integrated solution that meets an organization’s needs today, and grows with them tomorrow. The Matthews Fulfillment Systems family of brands includes Compass Engineering, Guidance Automation, Holjeron, Lightning Pick, Pyramid and RAF Technology.


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